Welcome to the world of ALLDOCK. The best docking station with the highest quality in design and technology. 


ALLDOCK. All in one.

Do you want to charge your phone, tablet or camera all at the same time? The stylish ALLDOCK electric charging station allows you to do so. With its fast USB charging and its comprehensive features, it is suitable for virtually every digital device. Thanks to the clean design, the variety of materials and the traditional craftsmanship, it fits perfectly in all your favourite places at home.

ALLDOCK. All design.

While developing the ALLDOCK docking station, versatility was our main focus. The result is clear to see – and to feel. High-quality processed ABS plastic, selected bamboo from China and fine walnut wood from New Zealand. This combined with custom designed components makes every ALLDOCK meet our high demands for quality and performance.

ALLDOCK. All mixed up.

For all who value their individuality, we have designed the ALLDOCK docking station with the ability to combine all of the materials with each other. So, how about an ALLDOCK MEDIUM in bamboo and white? Or perhaps you would prefer walnut and black? Or maybe the other way around?

Let your own personal taste decide. Do you already have a favourite ALLDOCK docking station combination in mind?

ALLDOCK. All places.

Thanks to its timeless design and various charging possibilities, the ALLDOCK is a true highlight in every room. Below you’ll see some of our favourite ideas. 

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