ALLDOCK. All specifications

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Internal components
No-load consumption score chart

The Medium ALLDOCK comes with a 4-port USB Hub The Large ALLDOCK comes with a 6-port USB Hub Each port is powered at 2400mA

The integrated circuit (IC) inside our USB Hub protects your electronic device from excessive electrical current, excessive voltage and from short circuits. The IC also identifies the type of equipment being charged and selects the best charging method for each USB port. The USB Hub is encased in fireproof PC material.

The ALLDOCK comes with FCC, CE and SAA certification.

Depending on the ALLDOCK model, different adapters fit into your ALLDOCK. How many and which adapters fit into your model can be found in the article description of the respective adapter.

Thanks to a component upgrade, ALLDOCK has become more energy efficient, without any compromises in its charging speed. You can charge up to four devices simultaneously without throttling the overall charging speed.

Additional Information:

  • Input: AC 110V-240V 50-60Hz 1.5A
  • Single output: DC Max 5V/2.4 A
  • Total output: DC Max 5V/9.6 A (ALLDOCK Medium)
  • Total output: DC Max 5V/14.4 A (ALLDOCK Large)

The cables supplied with your ALLDOCK have a durable design with an outer PVC coating and copper conductor. They provide stable data transfer and charging performance. Each cable allows for a maximum current of 2.4A.

The ALLDOCK also supports the use of generic Lightning Connectors, as well as MicroUSB, MiniUSB and 30-pin Cables. Note that the ALLDOCK One-Hand Docking Adapter only supports original ALLDOCK cables.